Here at Pretavoir we love ic! Berlin. The brand offers quality frames and innovative designs that have been endorsed by the likes of Madonna, Brad Pitt and Samuel L. Jackson. But did you know that your treasured glasses hold a special message just for you? Admittedly, its pretty easy to miss. We think Bond may have had some trouble but thanks to a handy little lesson on youtube from the designer himself (in no less than two languages - English and Japanese!) the mystery is solved and we can reveal the two very important messages inscribed on the two arms of the frame.On the left arm is a small token of advice; love yourself, a sentiment that of course we should all abide. This somewhat personal touch has been introduced to all ic! Berlin frames within the last year and despite it being a little unusual, it is a nice motto to promote.On the right hand leg you will find an information number that you can call if you should require any assistance with your ic! Berlin frames. Once dialled however you will find that this is the direct telephone number of the designer himself, Ralph Anderl. Again, a little strange but at least you can't complain that your favourite designers don't care. This is the most excellent example of customer service I'm sure you'll agree, we're just not sure about the price of the international phone call so perhaps you may not want to try this one out for yourself. Here's the first of two videos which unveil the 'secret code' embedded in the frames...but ssssh, you heard it here first.