From charity eyewear initiative to Game of Thrones eyewear campaign, we round up our top picks of news, launches and new collections. It's Thank Pret It's Friday: Your Weekly Eyewear News.orange_glasses_1082111 Warby Parker's buy a pair, give a pair campaign is truly inspiring. They've now donated over 1 million pairs of glasses to those who need them most. How awesome is that?The eyewear industry is changing, being shaped by consumers more than ever before. But how? So Kit Harrington is the new face of Jimmy Choo Mens. We can't wait for their menswear eyewear campaign to drop!Cutler & Gross new collection is inspired by the English Country Garden and we adore their variety of Summery prints. Got a couple of grand to spare? Then the Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glasses that premiered on her runway back in 2012 can be yours. Bargain.For more news, deals and special offers remember and follow Pret on twitter and instagram. Until then - see you next week!