From Karen Walker's latest eye wear campaign to finding the right frames to fit your face shape - Thank Pret It's Friday is here to bring you your weekly eyewear news from around the web. So if you want to find out about how to shop the right pair of glasses for your hair colour or find out about the latest cool new eye wear brands, Pret has you covered.cuteglassesshotWant to know the best frames for your hair colour? Fetch's handy guide will sort you out.Coloured frames are a Pret office favourite and a great way to update any look. Alto magazine have collected together some of their favourite coloured framed for men from warm autumnal tones to bright cobalt blues.Aimed at 3-14 year olds, new eyewear line Very French Gangsters has had us yearning to turn back the clock so we can sport a pair of this new uber cool glasses collection.VSP's handy guide on how to find frames to flatter your features is essential reading before buying your next pair of glasses!Glasses made a welcome appearance on the runway with haute couture designs. We love the gorgeous round acetate frames!Karen Walker always opts for more unusual choices of models - featuring both children and older stylish women in her campaigns in the past. For her latest collection she's cast Kenyan craftspeople and the results are utterly gorgeous!For more glasses news, offers and tibbets follow Pretavoir on twitter and instagram. Till next week!